Consultancy, web development, web hosting & content management fees

My consultancy fees are based on an hourly rate. Design and development fees are structured on a case by case basis. Management has a tiered pricing structure.

Consultancy fees

For my consultancy service the first session is free and if we decide that I can be of service to you then my fees are £55 per hour or £400 per day thereafter. I will make an assessment of the amount of consultancy likely to be required after our first session and if I believe it would be more economical for you to take my design and development service then I will advise you accordingly.

Design & development fees

After our first meeting I will assess the amount of work required to achieve our agreed goals and provide you with a written quotation detailing a breakdown of costs to you, an overview of activity including milestones and a payment schedule.

Hosting fees

My web hosting service is packge based and one of the following will apply:

  • Basic hosting - £75 per annum
  • WordPress Blog hosting - £100 per annum
  • Full eBusiness hosting - From £150 per annum

Performance management fees

For my management service we will agree a level of service and one of the following will apply:

  • Ad-hoc hourly rate - £55
  • Weekly performance management - From £72
  • Monthly performance management - From £346